Dog walks


Dog Walks with Big Paws and Pals

We offer a range of dog walks, and work closely with owners to find out about each dogs individual needs, so that we can tailor our care accordingly, and create a care programme for each dog. Owners wishes will always be followed.

After a few session to assess behaviours, such as recall and sociability your dog will be placed with walker that best suits their needs, either as a 1-2-1 or in a group. Group walk size and members of the group will change daily, and although we are insured to walk up to six dogs at a time. This will depend on size of dog and individual behaviour. Walkers will only walk groups that they can be in total control of.

The location of our group walks is differed throughout the week, so your dog gets a different walking experience daily. These include locations such as

Eastney beach

Great Salterns

Portsdown hill

100 acres.

I firmly believe that dogs should be allowed to act as dogs. with this in mind our walks are always in fields, woodlands, or the beach. I believe they should be allowed to play, sniff, dig, and do whatever else dogs love to do. They are always monitored closely, to ensure that they do not do anything, eat anything or go anywhere they shouldn’t. Your dog will get muddy, will swim (depending on the weather), play games, practice commands, and have lots and lots of fun. Then all dogs will be cleaned and dried off, as much as possible, before home time.

There is never any rush to our walks, all walks are for an hour at least, and travel time is never deducted from their walk time.